Delta resumes Caribbean Flights in June 2020

Delta’s summer schedule continues to be shaped by customer demand, CDC guidelines and government travel regulations. While the June schedule is significantly reduced in comparison to last year, customers will see the return of several major routes, both U.S. domestic and international, which were previously suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers traveling with Delta can feel confident in a safe flying experience. In addition to requiring customers and employees to wear face coveringsthroughout the travel journey, Delta has implemented policies like capping seating between 50 and 60 percent to ensure customer spacing on all aircraft, elevated its cleaning measures to deliver a new standard of clean, and streamlined its in-flight services to decrease touch points on board. Customers also have added flexibility if they need to change their plans.

Here’s a snapshot of the Caribbean destinations Delta is planning to fly in June. This schedule, including routes and frequency, remains subject to change due to the evolving nature of COVID-19. Specific restart dates will vary for previously suspended routes due to the lifting of travel restrictions and other operational requirements. […learn more]


  • Atlanta to Aruba (less than daily service restarts in second half of June)
  • Atlanta to Bermuda (less than daily)
  • Atlanta to Bonaire (Saturday only service restarts in second half of June)
  • Atlanta to Kingston, Jamaica (less than daily)
  • Atlanta to Montego Bay, Jamaica (daily)
  • Atlanta to Nassau, Bahamas (daily)
  • Atlanta to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (less than daily)
  • Atlanta to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (less than daily)
  • Atlanta to San Juan, Puerto Rico (less than daily)
  • Atlanta to St. Croix (Saturday only)
  • Atlanta to St. Lucia (less than daily)
  • Atlanta to St. Maarten (less than daily)
  • Atlanta to St. Thomas (less than daily)
  • New York-JFK to Santiago, Dominican Republic (less than daily)
  • New York-JFK to San Juan, Puerto Rico (less than daily)
  • New York-JFK to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (less than daily)​

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How to tell if you’re sending an iMessage or an SMS/MMS

Apple’s built-in Messages app can send both carrier-based SMS/MMS to any phone and data-based iMessages to any other Apple device. To make it easy to tell the two apart — and so that you know what might be charged as SMS/MMS vs. part of your data package – Apple color-codes all your messages.

  • Blue is for iMessage. Any time you’re on Wi-Fi or using cellular data, and you send a message from your Apple device to another Apple device, it’ll be contained in a blue bubble.
  • Green is for SMS/MMS. Any time you’re on the cellular network and sending to another mobile phone, it’ll be contained in a green bubble.

If iMessage is offline, your iPhone may try to send over SMS/MMS, so keep an eye on it if you want to avoid charges, especially international charges outside of any texting plan you might have.



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