MRSIMCARD.COM – begins sale of British Sim Cards in North America

MRSIMCARD.COM pleased to offer four top UK Sim Cards for visitors from North America

HERNDON, VA (January, 19 2009) – OOMOBILE, Inc. | MRSIMCARD has begun offering four British Pay As You Go Sim Cards for Travellers.


With the addition of O2 UK, Orange UK, T-Mobile Uk, and Vodafone UK, MRSIMCARD launches the sale of European country specific sim cards. Each sim is a Pay As You Go bundle with carrier specific feature sets. O2 UK offers Pay As You Go iPhone service whereas Orange UK offers Pay As You Go Blackberry service. All four carriers offer FREE incoming calls and text messages as well as preferred rates for calls to the United States and Canada.

Visitors to Great Britain can arrive with a number in hand. Family members and loved ones can reach you the moment you arrive, and best of all you will enjoy Free incoming calls and text messages. Pay As You Go service is fool proof, convenient, and safe.

UK Sim Card starter kits are $19.99 and come with FREE Fed Ex shipping in North America. Customers can choose from four amazing wireless companies and receive a sim travel pack before departure. There is no need to go searching for an open wireless store upon arrival in the UK because our sim kits come ready to go, complete with sim card, top up card, and english language instruction booklet.

MRSIMCARD is committed to offering the best value in Pay As You Go sim service


Since its launch in 2006, OOMOBILE | MRSIMCARD has become one of the fastest-growing prepaid sim only organizations in North America. With a specific focus on driving value to the consumer and lowering the cost of prepaid wireless, OOMOBILE | MRSIMCARD has enjoyed the support of customers and dealers alike. MRSIMCARD is renowned for competitive rates, unbeatable customer care and the best GSM carrier coverage. MRSIMCARD offers the widest variety of products and services. Customers always get a deal at

Fida Awadallah
Director of Public Relations, OOMOBILE, Inc.
T: +1 (703) 953 2272 (USA)

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