iPad offer for visitor to the USA.

“Hello from Australia, what’s the best option for an ipad mini in the USA ? – looking at unlimited data for 30 days; will also be using the device for messaging, skype etc.”

Hi from mrsimcard!

Thank you for your request.

Please visit – http://www.mrsimcard.com/ipad.html

Look at the At&t USA Mobility and Red Pocket Mobile data sim offers. Both will work well with your iPad and will allow tethering. Data is not unlimited but is fast and easy to supplement if necessary. Our offer includes 1,3 or 5 gigs of LTE data.

How it works:

You can place your order online at http://www.mrsimcard.com/

We will process and ship the order. During processing we will send an email asking for your arrival date. Once you respond, we will schedule the activation of your sim 1 to 2 days before arrival.

You will arrive, insert the sim, power cycle the device and configure data per the instructions sent to you. Configuration changes by sim and destination.

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