I am travelling to Las Vegas, San Diego & Los Angeles between 08 Dec 12 from Australia



To Whom It May Concern,

I am travelling to Las Vegas, San Diego & Los Angeles between 08 Dec 12 and 02 Jan 13 and am looking for a sim card to use with my unlocked android device. I travelling with another family and was planning to use to phone to coordinate things between us if we get separated or for when we go off and do our own things and want to meet up. A combination of voice and text will suit. Data is a nicety but not necessary. Can you explain some of my options? I am travelling from Australia.





Thanks for your email. Based on what you express as your needs on your trip the America, we suggest an H2O Wireless sim card for your trip. The H2O Wireless sim will allow unlimited USA talk, unlimited USA/Global SMS, and up to 2GB of 3G/4G data based on the capabilities of your handset. H2O Wireless runs on the AT&T USA network and so coverage will not be an issue for you. We will of course provide configuration instructions so you can setup data on your android phone.

Here is how it works:
You would place your sim order. We would process and ship your sim along with instructions for configuration. We will email you requesting your arrival date USA. We will schedule the activation of your sim card for two days before arrival and email you the mobile number at activation.
You will arrive the USA, insert the sim, configure the phone and off you go

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