can i buy a 4g lime data sim for the BVI to use in my phone and modem

Question: Adam D: can i buy a 4g lime data sim for the BVI to use in my phone and modem? Can you ship me the sim before I travel?


Please visit .

We offer a LIME BVI sim with 500MB, 1GB or 2GB data included. You will start the data upon arrival in BVI by dialing a short code from the phone. You can then insert the sim into the modem, or tablet. Set the apn to ppinternet and enjoy.

How it works:

You can place your order online at

We will process and ship the order. During processing we will send an email asking for your arrival date. Once you respond, we will schedule the activation of your sim 1 to 2 days before arrival.

You will arrive, insert the sim, power cycle the device and configure data per the instructions sent to you. Configuration changes by sim and destination.

You can recharge the LIME sim online at


50% Bonus Credit Monday December 10th through Thursday December 13th

Operator: Digicel El Salvador

Terms and conditions apply, see below:

Minimum Purchase: 50% Bonus $5.00

Conditions: 50% Bonus minutes can be used for the next 2 days following the credit. These are valid for Digicel to Digicel calls, US & Canada

IMPORTANT NOTE: Customers who have subscribed to the local promotion “Triple Bubble Invincible” are not eligible to participate in other promotions, including “50% Bonus Diaspora” but do receive TB on all top ups including those from DIASPORA.

Please note that the minimum purchase for a 50% Bonus is $5.00 in order for promotion to apply.

Click here to purchase recharge.

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DIGICEL HAITI 50% Recharge Bonus Dec 10, 11, 12, 13 / Sim Cards available!

Please review the details of an exciting promotion running for Digicel Haiti.

Operator : Digicel Haiti

Promotion : DIGICEL HAITI 50% Bonus Dec 10, 11, 12, 13
From 12:00am to 11:59pm (HT Time) – Monday Dec 10th , Tuesday Dec 11th , Wednesday Dec 12th. Thursday Dec 13th

Click here to purchase recharge.

• Transactions greater than $8.99 in value qualify to receive 50% bonus.

Additional details:

A prepaid customer receives bonus credit equivalent to the credit purchased

* Promotion is valid for minutes added from Dec 10th (Haiti Time12:00am) to Dec 14th – 11:59:59pm (Haiti time)
* All bonus minutes will be applied to a valid Digicel Haiti number in real time, the same day that the top up is made
* 50% Bonus minutes expire in 2 days respectively
* Bonus minutes are only valid for Digicel to Digicel calls and text

Digicel Sim cards are now available at

This sim works in Haiti with unlimited free incoming calls and unlimited free incoming text. Your Sim Card comes loaded with $5 in airtime. Service in Haiti is on Digicel Haiti. Get a Digicel Haiti Sim Card for use in Haiti before travel to Haiti. No contract, no credit check.

Click here to purchase Digicel Haiti Sim Cards.

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Q&A – I’m going to the Dominican Republic for 6 weeks in the fall.

Q: Hi, I’m going to the Dominican Republic for 6 weeks in the fall. I want to bring my iPhone and have it fully functional, including data. Is there a way to do this, and what is my best option…

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A: We do not at this time offer a sim for the DR.

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Re: – Prepaid SIM Card for Digicel Jamaica – DigiFlex

Re: – Prepaid SIM Card for Digicel Jamaica – DigiFlex

Buyer: Ashie

Hi, i am going to Jamaica in Dec and am looking for a SIM card that is compatible with Blackberry 8700 or Blackberry Curve 810.

Your Digical Jamaica card looks good. if i understand correctly, if i call to a LAND Line or a cell phone in USA from Jamaica i will pay 24 cents per minute and incoming calls are free whether made from Jamaica or from the United States.

Let me know if the above is correctr?




Incoming calls and texts are free. Outgoing calls vary depending on the destination called.

Digicel International Package

Purchase an International Calling bundle of 1250 minutes at $1.00JMD/01¢USD by adding 1250JMD/$25USD to your line and dialing *134#. Follow the prompts. You will then be allowed cheap calls to USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and UK landlines. Click here to add $30 to your line and buy the international package refill. The extra balance is on your line to use for local calls. Please make certain you tell us your Digicel Jamaica number so we can send funds direct to your line.

Q&A – Digicel Jamaica Prepaid Blackberry

Re: – Digicel Jamaica Prepaid Blackberry 2 Weeks $15.00

Buyer: Ravi

What are the shipping charges to canada?

If you have an unlocked Blackberry device can I use the – Digicel Jamaica Prepaid Blackberry 2 Weeks $15.00?

Also, do I have to have an exiting Blackberry account to use this service?

Finally, what are the charges for incoming calls, out going calls to Canada, and data charges for email?



Yes you can. You buy the sim which comes with 5.00 airtime. You can add the blackberry package from The setup is done on the device..


Dial “*136# SEND” to initiate Prepaid Blackberry activation.
Select your plan
Confirm selection of your plan

Incoming calls are free. Outgoing calls are cheap to Canada




THE VALLEY, ANGUILLA Wednesday 25, February, 2009: Digicel, The Bigger, Better Network has added a new twist to the word FREE as it launches FREE talk for five long days. Get yourself a sim card for Digicel at

Last week it launched the FREE SMS 5 day pass. The FREE Talk promotion gives Digicel customers an opportunity to talk for free for 1200 hours a week or 7200 minutes a month with consecutive renewal. This promotion offers the best value for money. No other provider offers 7200 minutes of talk time for only $120 ECD per month.

The Digicel FREE Talk plan gives prepaid customers FREE local Digicel to Digicel calls at a cost of EC$20 for 5 days, with four hours of free talk time daily. To activate FREE Talk, the customer simply dials * 134 # and the ‘send’ button to initiate the plan and then follow the prompts until a confirmation message is received. After the service period of 5 days has expired, the customer automatically goes back to the normal billing unless he/she re-activates their service.

The launch of FREE talk is another opportunity for Digicel customers to enjoy more free talk -time from their favorite telecommunications provider in Anguilla. Digicel is committed to keeping customers in touch with friends and family with no hassle.

As commented by Stephenie Brooks, Digicel’s Country Manager, “This new offer of FREE talk along with FREE text allows Digicel customers to stay in touch how and when they want to. This is only the beginning and customers can look forward to more exciting promotions tailored to offering them the best value for money over the coming months.” Customers who are not yet a part of the Digicel family, get 50% off selected Blackberry handsets, when they subscribe to Digicel’s prepaid BlackBerry service. Activate your FREE talk plan today!

Check out WWW.MRSIMCARD.COM for Digicel Prepaid Sim Cards and refills. Use them in the USA or get a Global Roaming Sim Card.