can i buy a 4g lime data sim for the BVI to use in my phone and modem

Question: Adam D: can i buy a 4g lime data sim for the BVI to use in my phone and modem? Can you ship me the sim before I travel?


Please visit .

We offer a LIME BVI sim with 500MB, 1GB or 2GB data included. You will start the data upon arrival in BVI by dialing a short code from the phone. You can then insert the sim into the modem, or tablet. Set the apn to ppinternet and enjoy.

How it works:

You can place your order online at

We will process and ship the order. During processing we will send an email asking for your arrival date. Once you respond, we will schedule the activation of your sim 1 to 2 days before arrival.

You will arrive, insert the sim, power cycle the device and configure data per the instructions sent to you. Configuration changes by sim and destination.

You can recharge the LIME sim online at

South Africa to Las Vegas 14 December – Need iPad / Blackberry service



Good day

I am from South Africa and Our family is leaving for the US to arrive in Las Vegas on the 14th of December.

I have an iPad and would like to know what would be the best option for a data bundle. I also have a Blackberry smart phone.

We will mostly communicate via email and skype with our families at home.

Please advise best option for a sim card.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards


Hi from mrsimcard! –

Thank you for your email request.

Please visit – here – for an iPad sim card.
Please visit – here – for a blackberry sim card.

Our iPad sim has 3GB data. This is more than enough for web surfing, navigating, communicating via Skype. Our iPad offer is Plug and Play. You tell us the arrival date, and we activate the iPad for your arrival.

Our Blackberry sim is a rock solid offer on Simple Mobile featuring unlimited BB BIS service, unlimited USA talk, unlimited USA / Global SMS and unlimited 3G/4G data based on the capabilities of your phone.

Here is how it works:
You would place your sim order. We would process and ship your sim along with instructions for configuration. We will email you requesting your arrival date USA. We will schedule the activation of your sim card for two days before arrival and email you the mobile number at activation.
You will arrive the USA, insert the blackberry sim, configure the phone and off you go. The iPad is plug and play. Insert the sim, power cycle the device. Enjoy..

Easy cheesy

mrsimcard support |
twitter | @mrsimcard

Q: We are travelling from Australia to the US from 8 Dec – 2 January



We are travelling from Australia to the US from 8 Dec > 2 January

I have an unlocked iPhone3 and my partner is travelling with his iPad 2 and iphone4 (locked). I am (hoping) i will also buy an iPad mini but Australia is out of stock at the moment 😦

I would like some advice on the best plan. The unlocked Iphone3 (with the US sim) will be the primary number.

1. Can i call my partner’s iPhone 4 (with Australian number)?
2. Can I use my Iphone3 (with the US sim) to tether with the iPad 2 or iPhone 4 to use the internet? We wouldn’t be doing any major downloads, just surfing the net, using the Maps app, Facebook etc
3. Can we text Australian mobiles?
4. Can we call Australian mobiles and landlines? (not that important)

I think that’s it. There are so many of those unlimited plans, it is hard to know which to choose!



The answer (Simple Mobile)

Simple Mobile will give you unlimited USA talk, unlimited USA/Global text (SMS), and unlimited data. Data speed will be EDGE on the iPhone for the most part. You will sometimes get 3G, but we will promise you EDGE speed on the iPhone. Simple Mobile runs on the T-Mobile network and as such runs 3G on a different frequency from those offered on the iPhone. This is changing and so you might get 3G data as you move around as the network is being refarmed to allow 3G data on iPhones.

Simple Mobile will tether over the slower data, and you can add $10 for international calling. This is the better way to call Australia mobiles and landlines as the rate is super low – 2c/min to landline and 8c/min – mobiles.

1. Yes you can call your partner’s Australian mobile number. I do suggest he unlock his phone and get a USA sim.

2. Yes you can tether with the simple mobile sim. Data might be slower, but yes you can.

3. Yes you can text Australian mobiles – Unlimited!

4. Yes you can call Australian mobiles at 8c/min. Just add a $10 ILD pin, or buy the sim with $10 included for international calling.

Visit to learn more.

Note*** – Your iPad is unlocked, and we do offer an iPad sim here. You can use an app like Viber or FaceTime, or Pinger on the iPad to take advantage of talk/text over data.

Prepaid Sims for Orange Israel now Available on

Prepaid Sims for Orange Israel now Available on!

Traveling to Israel with your unlocked GSM phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet just got easier. An Orange Israel sim card with super low cost calling rates for use in Israel, mean you can stay connected to friends and family without painful roaming charges.

The process is simple. Order your Orange Israel sim from When the order is processed, we will ask for your arrival date in Israel. Your activation is scheduled for 2 to 5 days before arrival in Israel. You arrive Isral, insert the sim and enjoy low cost calls, sms, and 3G data.

International Calling from Israel
Orange has a unique service that allows customers to make international calls without purchasing a calling card. Just enter the quick access code of the country you want to call (* followed by three digits) to receive an automated reply from Omni telecom. Then dial your international number and # to complete the call. Your international call will then be processed. See the list of quick access codes.

With the Orange network in Israel, 3G service is prevalent, so using Skype, Viber, Tango, Voxer or your favorite voip application for international communication is a breeze.

Standard sims and micro sims are available.

Globe Philippines Sim Cards now Available on

Prepaid iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Tablet Service available for Philippines for!

Traveling to Manila with your unlocked iPhone, iPad, Android, or blackberry just got easier. mrsimcard now offers Globe Philippines sim cards with unlimited data service for use in the Philippines.

The process is simple. Order your Globe Philippines sim from Advise your arrival date in the Philippines. We will add the necessary credit to you line before arrival. Dial the supplied short code or send the trigger text to start service. Away you go.

It have never been this easy to have unlimited data service on a first line carrier i the Philippines. You now have it with Globe.

Globe Telecom is one of the largest cellular networks in the Philippines. It is also one of the original pioneers of introducing mobile services to Filipinos. It is also one of the first to introduce 3G capabilities into the market and is also the licensed distributor of the highly popular Apple iPhone.

I am looking to purchase some sim cards for my family for our upcoming trip to the USA.

On Aug 7, 2011, at 3:50 AM, Bill D. wrote:


I am looking to purchase some sim cards for my family for our upcoming trip to the USA.

We have

2 x iphone4 (my wife and myself)
2 x iphone3 (2 kids)
1 x ipad2 3G

We will be travelling across the USA, and will be there from September 14th till October 10th 2011.

The ipad will be used to access emails daily, as well as maps, so it will need a 2GB+ data allowance.

The iphone4s will be used for both calls and data – emails, maps etc as well.

The kids’ iphone3s will not be used for data much at all, and will be used for calling us if (when) they get lost.

Could you please give me some advice on which would be the best value for us. From your website, it seems
the AT&T network has the best coverage.

Also, would you say that Fedex shipping would take less than a week?

Bill D
Brisbane, Australia

are some Ipads “locked” and not compatible with the Sim card ?

On Aug 5, 2011, at 12:43 PM, Chuck S wrote:

Re: Cellcom Israel iPad Sim + 30 day data


Are some IPads (or iPad2’s) “locked” and not compatible with the Sim
card above ? I’m planning on buying an ipad or ipad 2 in the USA and
want to make sure it’s compatible with the above SIM card. Any
pointers would be appreciated. Thanks !

Also, how much does it cost to refill it for another 30 days after the
first 30 days ?


iPads are sold unlocked. If you have a 3G iPad or iPad2, you can use a sim card from another carrier or even another country. You need to make certain of course that the sim has a data plan.

We do offer a sim card with Unlimited 3G data for use in Israel from Cellcom Israel.. You order the sim. We ship the sim and inquire of you your arrival date in Israel. We activate the sim a few days before you arrive in Israel. Upon arrival you insert the Cellcom Israel sim, and set the apn to “internetg”. Data flows and you are happy.

Questions – email support or hit us up on twitter @mrsimcard , or call

mrsimcard sales support
Washington DC, USA.
+1.5712529901 (USA)
+61-2-9037 2197 (AU)
+972.732326885 (IL)
+372.548.00305 (GLOBAL)